Thank you!

The pictures, videos and sound files on this site are from Sharon's performance at the Orcas Center on Orcas Island in Washington State, on October 20, 2007. Sharon could not have performed this fabulous concert without help and support from many fabulous people. Sharon would like to thank:

  • Michael Hurwicz for unwavering musical, physical and emotional support, videography and graphic design for CDs and DVDs, web design, warming up the broccoli, and general gooniness.
  • Marianne Lewis for her outstanding piano accompaniment and all the time and hard work she dedicated to this musical adventure. And for the laughs.
  • Co-divas and divos Amy Hamilton, Tony Lee and Michael "Ramon de Fuerte" Hurwicz, and fine musical friends and accompanists Louellen McCoy and Bob Littlewood.
  • Wayne Rankin for videography, friendship above and beyond, good humor, a cool head.
  • Jaimie Rankin for all of the above, plus general gooniness and the pirate parrot.
  • Al Swanson for his highly professional 24-bit sound recording, incredible flying microphones, and a flying DVD.
  • JoAnn Frances for her gorgeous stage design and reception beautification replete with penguin candlesticks. This woman can make cookies look like caviar!
  • Annie Moore for the beautiful printed program.
  • Barbara Courtney, Sparks, Shaun Albrechtson, Jean Henigson, Anita Orne and Gordon Koenig for making the whole show happen.
  • And special thanks to Rachel Adams, Teri Alent, Catherine Ascher, Gary Wyngarden, and Doug and Judy Schliebus.